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Curry Powder at its best

More than 25 years in service

The powder skiing at Manali is exceptional. Since 1990, Manali has been the operations base for the most spectacular and exciting heli-skiing operation in the world. Our location at approximately 34° N latitude, gives us long days and a variety of exposures allows us to ski both with or against the sun. The altitude allows much greater «back radiation» than other areas, which creates excellent re-crystallized powder.


Our most sought after package as it is uniquely flexible and exclusive. The Exclusive, dedicates a helicopter for your group’s private use. Imagine a private helicopter just for you and your friends or family. Everything is designed to guarantee operational flexibility and therefore maximize the chances of finding the best snow and the ultimate heliskiing holiday of your life.


This is our most popular package and is suitable for seasoned heli-skiers, families and heliski first-timers alike. We offer six full days (weather permitting) and 30'500 vertical meters of skiing, with a minimum guarantee of 20'000 vertical meters. The Classic package is an efficient way to heliski the Himalaya. A maximum of 15 skiers share a helicopter, broken into small groups of 3-4 skiers per guide.


Ski Touring - 6000 Meter Peak

Our operations base at Manali is central to a mountain paradise of pristine ski touring terrain. We use our helicopters (with vehicle back up) to whisk skiers to the high alpine snows. After a day of ski touring, guests will either fly or drive back to the hotel in time for the apres ski activities and dinner. You can now combine the pleasures of exploring the Himalayas on touring skis by day and luxuriating in the comfort of our base facilities by night. Guests will be flown in and out of the ski touring terrain by helicopter each day (weather permitting) with vehicle back up.

Lodge-Based Himalayan Exploration

For the non-skiers along we offer all the attractions of a Himalayan trek without compromising your comfort.

Himalayan Standby

Short notice seats